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Hi-Gear's Mission

Here at Hi-Gear we recognize the value of achieving an enthusiastic and proud student body. That is why we have made our products simple and easy to customize so that you can enrich your school's community.

Design Team

We are constantly evaluating Hi-Gear's offered designs in order to provide you with the highest quality product. For your satisfaction, Hi-Gear's design team continues to add mascot and icon options for you to select from.

Hi-Gear's team is here for you and willing to make any changes that you seek out. Never hesitate to contact us with any questions or alterations you would like to see.



Hi-Gear's products are not only perfect for building school spirit, but they are also great for reselling to obtain much needed funding. Contact Hi-Gear to find out more information on how to set-up promotional products.

Contact Hi-Gear

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School identity is everything
— Mark Shanders, Hi-Gear General Manager